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Beach Comb
Beach Comb is for the group to wonder along the high tide zone on our Phillip Island beaches. Bring their finds to the circle to discuss what they found and how important the ocean is for our survival as well as the animals plants and rocks we find. Learning about the importance of the oceans eco system and what effects we can see humans are having on them and how we can implement change in our everyday lives to become aware of the hazards and how we can act to help nature.

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Koala Conservation Reserve Tour

Koala Conservation Reserve book at anytime within opening hours, get close on raised platforms that take you to see the koalas in amongst the trees.

While Koala population is stable in Victoria other parts of Australia they are in massive decline. Learn how to protect this iconic species for the future.

Famous Penguin Parade Tour
The Eco guided tour to the famous little penguins, the smallest of all 18 variety of penguins. Penguins arrive back on land from the sea after sunset, viewing times will change depending on the time of year. You get to see them in their natural habitat, coming onto to land to breed, socialize, raise their chicks and moulting their feathers. Learning about the past will help protect them into the future.

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Churchill Island Tour

A short drive across to the beautiful, historic Churchill Island. Visit the old homestead, Learn through stories of Aboriginal dream time to first settlers and present day farming practices.

Book a tour between 10am-1pm.

Farm activities included in your entry fee:

10.30am blacksmithing demonstration

2pm Cow milking

2.30pm Sheep shearing

2.45pmWorking dogs

3pm Wipe cracking

Nobbies and Antarctic journey tours
Antarctic Journey book anytime within opening hours, this exhibit takes you from Phillip Island all the way down to Antarctica, starting with important research on one of the largest colonies of Australian fur seals. Learning the importance of sea life and the ecology of the food web and it importance for a healthy earth. Large screens show stunning images of the animals and icy landscapes further south.

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Camp talks
Ranger Sue will come to your school camp and deliver wildlife stories, beach comb/rock pooling or for a wet weather program. Perfect for large groups, can be day or night, one price for up to 100 students, additional cost per additional students

Wetland tours

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Senior School & VICE
Balancing tourism and the Environment


Senior School & VCE
Change over time

"Thanks for taking the time to share your knowledge and great love of Phillip Island yesterday. Your passion for the island and the environment was a real highlight of our day. Also, you were a great role model to our students on how to live a more sustainable life."

Geography teacher, Zac Cox

Mary Mackilop

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