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Conference and corporate groups

Welcome to the untamed beauty of Phillip Island! If you're seeking an adventure with a purpose, look no further than our Eco-friendly tours led by Ranger Sue. Conference and corporate groups get the exclusive chance to explore Phillip Island in a unique and memorable way. Not only will you witness the awe-inspiring wildlife, but you'll also discover the many wonders of this incredible ecosystem while having fun team-building with your colleagues. Whether you're a nature enthusiast, a bird-watching fanatic, or an animal lover, our custom-made tours are designed to meet your needs and interests. Ranger Sue, an experienced Eco accredited guide will take you on an incredible journey, sharing her wealth of knowledge about the area's diverse wildlife, their habitats, and behaviours. With our eco-tour packages, you'll discover the wonders of Phillip Island while also promoting sustainability and conservation. Our goal is to provide respectful and sustainable interactions with wildlife in their natural habitats. You can choose from a variety of tours that range from a few hours to an entire day or night. Ranger Sue will take you on a magical adventure, and you'll come away with a greater appreciation of the environment and an unforgettable bonding experience with your team. Don't miss the chance to embark on a journey with us and witness firsthand the wonders of nature. Visit our website now and book your unforgettable experience with Ranger Sue on Phillip Island.

Beach comb Eco tour

Welcome to Ranger Sue's Phillip Island Eco Tours, the perfect place for your next conference or corporate team building activity! I believe in the importance of giving back to the environment and ensuring a sustainable future for all. That's why I have developed a unique beach combing activity that not only provides a fun team bonding experience but also highlights the impact our actions have on the health of our oceans and ourselves as humans. Ranger Sue will guide you through the beautiful beaches of Phillip Island, allowing you to discover the treasures hidden within the sand. You'll learn about the different marine creatures that inhabit these shores and the threats they face. The importance of proper waste disposal and conservation measures, all while collecting any debris that might harm these delicate ecosystems. With a personalised program, we ensure that each corporate group gets a tailor-made experience that meets their needs and objectives. With understanding the importance of having fun while learning and bonding as a team. These tours and activities are designed to encourage team spirit and collaboration, allowing your group to grow closer while enjoying the breathtaking beauty of Phillip Island. So book your corporate group tour today and make a difference in the world while having fun! Contact us at Ranger Sue's Phillip Island Eco Tours and let us take care of the rest.

Together, let's make the world a better place.

Wildlife tours

Phillip Island has many different habitats from wetlands that house migratory birds to bush lands home to wallabies, echidnas and koalas, the island is full of wonder. To oceans an stunning sandy beaches that you can witness the spectacle of the short-tailed shearwaters arriving back at sunset nightly from October to April and learn about protecting these beautiful birds from pollutants. For team building activities, Ranger Sue can design a personalised program tailored to your needs. Bond with your colleagues and explore the island's unique environment while having fun and creating memories that last a lifetime. Our team at Phillip Island Eco Tours believes in giving back and taking action towards a sustainable future. That's why we offer an experience that not only allows you to bond and have fun but also learn about wildlife conservation and how to make a difference. Located just a short distance from Melbourne, Phillip Island offers a unique opportunity to witness native Australian animals and their habitats while actively working to protect them.

With options ranging from hour-long tours to multi-day stays that include night tours, we can create a customized program for your corporate group. Your team will gain valuable knowledge and skills while having a blast bonding and working together. So why not book a corporate group tour with Ranger Sue and Phillip Island Eco Tours? Join us in giving back and having fun with your team at the same time. Book now and experience the wild side of Phillip Island like never before!

Conferences and corporate group

Get in contact to discuss some activities that will show case our stunning Phillip Island while your here on conference or corporate bonding groups.

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